Pete Hammond
Film Critic / Cinema Scholar

Pete Hammond is a widely respected film critic and cinema historian whose quotes about movies are immortalized by the major studios in their movie ads, posters and billboards.  
He is frequently the moderator for filmmaker panels at major premieres.

His encyclopedic knowledge of Marilyn Monroe's life and films provides the very backbone of "MARILYN MONROE DECLASSIFIED."  His many reviews, articles and blogs about film are studied by all contemporary film fans.


Philippe Mora
Film Director

Philippe Mora is an internationally acclaimed Australian film director of about 40 films including "Mad Dog Morgan," “Communion" (based on the sensational best-selling book by Whitley Strieber) and films of "The Howling" franchise. 

Also an artist and occasional journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald, he is credited with first discovering and publicizing the FBI document about Robert Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.


Greg Schreiner
President of "Marilyn Remembered" Fan Club

Greg Schreiner, President of Marilyn Remembered, a prominent Marilyn Monroe fan club, is one of the world's premiere collectors of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, from her movie gowns to many of Marilyn's other personal possessions. 

He is devoted to protectively preserving the most accurate true accounts of Marilyn as a unique person. Professionally, he is an accomplished performing pianist and music teacher.


John Gilmore
Noted Hollywood Author

John Gilmore is a noted Hollywood author, whose book Inside Marilyn Monroe is based on his personal relationship and recollections with the actress.  He is best known for his Hollywood noir and true crime books, which cover fascinating topics from the Black Dahlia to Bonnie and Clyde.  

Director Paul Davids calls John Gilmore's personal Hollywood biography, Laid Bare, one of his favorite books of all time and recommends it whole-heartedly to everyone who was every curious about the personal lives of the biggest stars of the 1950's and 1960's, from James Dean to Janis Joplin.  Gilmore's first career was as a child actor, mainly working for RKO.


C. O. "Doc" Erickson
Production Manager of "The Misfits"

C. O. "Doc" Erickson is one of the most famous production managers of the great eras of Hollywood, from 20th Century Fox's "Cleopatra" to "Chinatown."  Frequently managing productions for the great writer / director / actor John Huston, he was production manager for Marilyn Monroe's final completed film, "The Misfits."  

In "MARILYN MONROE DECLASSIFIED," he reveals his detailed memories of working with Marilyn as her marriage to Arthur Miller was crumbling - and her personal crisis which caused a halt to production.


Maxi Wild

Maxi Wild is one of the New Wave of British pop singers, noted for exceptional, popular songs such as "The Wrong Side" and "Sudden Death," which is now in release as a compelling and powerful music video.  Favoring a punk style, Maxi has now experimented in creating a new style for "MARILYN MONROE DECLASSIFIED" with her song "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," which dominates the musical style of the film.  

Maxi composed the lyrics with director Paul Davids, and she fully orchestrated and performs the song to a flowing montage of Marilyn Monroe imagery.


Al Babbitt
Messenger Art Collection 

Albert Babbitt is a Las Vegas entrepreneur who owns the Messenger Art Collection, which is represented by Sue and Abel Roderick in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The collection includes all the existing color separation negatives of the Marilyn Monroe "Golden Dreams" nude calendar pose - the pose that sold 8 million calendars, more than any other in history, and which
helped launched Hugh Hefner and Playboy.

The historic, large negatives are part of a traveling exhibition now being seen in cities such as
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas and New York.


Brian Chanes
Profiles in History - Client Relations

Brian Chanes is in charge of Client Relations for Profiles in History, the largest southern California auction house specializing exclusively in motion picture-related memorabilia.  Profiles in History sold Marilyn Monroe's dress from "The Seven Year Itch" for a record-breaking 5.52 million dollars.

Other memorabilia related to Marilyn that has been handled by the firm includes signed screenplays and prints, jewelry and rare figurines.


David Marshall
Author / Investigative Journalist

David Marshall is a San Francisco author who heads the "DD Group" - short for Death Discussion Group, which is part of the Immortal Marilyn website / fan group. The DD Group spent over a year corresponding online attempting to analyze the facts their members felt they could establish about Marilyn Monroe's final months and last day.  Their findings are published in a book called "The DD Group."  

He has also authored Life Among the Cannibals:  The Life and Times of Marilyn Monroe, a fictional vision of the twistsand turns Marilyn's career might have taken if she had not died young.


Timothy Cooper
Private Investigator

Timothy Cooper is a private investigator whose training comes from the much-respected Nick Harris Detective Academy of Los Angeles, under the tutelage of Milo Sperigio.  Speriglio wrote two books about the murder of Marilyn Monroe, and his research had a profound influence on Tim Cooper, who through his career-military father had many "insider" contacts in government intelligence.  

One of Tim Cooper's contacts, a former CIA archivist, provided him with the historic August 3, 1962, CIA document about Marilyn Monroe signed by CIA Counterintelligence Chief James Angleton.  The document is considered genuine because it was never disowned by CIA during a lengthy appeals process for further information on transcripts referenced in the document. 


Dr. Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D
Author: UFO's & The Murder of Marilyn Monroe

Donald Burleson is a university mathematics professor living in Roswell, New Mexico, who has devoted years to studying the death of Marilyn Monroe and a CIA document based on CIA wiretaps of Marilyn and her friends and associates, such as Dorothy Kilgallen.  

His book, UFOs and The Murder of Marilyn Monroe, presents a carefully-developed case that Marilyn was compromised by classified information imparted to her by the Kennedys - information which a key FBI document and the CIA document indicate she was considering revealing publicly, thus placing her in the cross-hairs of the CIA Chief of Counterintelligence.




Holly Beavon
Marilyn Monroe Impersonator

Based in Hollywood, Holly Beavon is a noted Marilyn Monroe impersonator whose career goes back to her high school days when the writer of the Miss America song took her to Las Vegas to have a debut as Marilyn.  She meticulously makes her own costumes and wigs.  Whether it’s an appearance as Marilyn at a convention, a party, or as Marilyn’s voice for film and series, Holly delivers a Marilyn impersonation that always pleases the fans.


Jimie Morrisey
Marilyn Monroe's Hair Stylist

Jimie Morrisey had the privilege of being Marilyn Monroe's hairdresser after she completed "The Misfits," during the time following her divorce from playwright Arthur Miller.  

He was introduced to Marilyn by Frank Sinatra's secretary.  Jimie had first-hand knowledge of her relationships with both President Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, when on four occasions he did her hair in preparation of her Kennedy liaisons.


L. J. Dopp
Artist / Filmmaker 

He began his professional art career as an underground cartoonist at The Los Angeles Free Press during Watergate, and today, his hundreds of very realistic, original paintings of famous movie moments and well-known stars are sought by collectors everywhere.  

The producers of "MARILYN MONROE DECLASSIFED" commissioned L. J. to create the poster art for this film, after the art of L. J. Dopp was used previously as key art for the Paul Davids film "The Life After Death Project."  He provides a fan's observations about Marilyn, and brought his art mentor, Chuck Caplinger, into the film.


Chuck Caplinger
Professional Artist 

Chuck Caplinger created what may be the largest mural of Marilyn Monroe.  It contains many images of the star throughout her career, beginning with the starry-eyed Norma Jeane and her dreams of a cinematic future.  

It shows the changes in Marilyn as her career progressed from bright-eyed starlet to the "salt of the earth" Marilyn of "The Misfits."  Chuck creates his art in a unique dome house the desert of Yucca Valley, California.


Rob Lowe
Starline Tours of Hollywood

Rob Lowe is a tour guide of Starline Tours of Hollywood.  His familiarity with the Roosevelt Hotel Marilyn Monroe Suite is on display in the film, as he tells of its history and of the singular importance of Marilyn Monroe in the psyche of cinema lovers everywhere.


Pamela Mora (Mrs. Philippe Mora)
Film Professional

Pamela Mora, the wife of director / journalist Philippe Mora, has worked with her husband in many capacities on many of his films.  When Philippe discovered the declassified FBI document about Robert Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, Pamela experienced first hand the push-back from the U.S. media when Philippe brought the information forward, as one scheduled TV appearance after another was canceled in America, at the same time his story was making international news.  

She still cannot explain how her "Golden Dreams" framed calendar photo of Marilyn seemed to leap from a coffee table and crack at the peak of the news censorship, as if Marilyn herself were expressing dismay.



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Marilyn Monroe LJDOPP 2 2 13 15
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